Toward understanding life

based on physical principles at molecular level


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2024-02-01PromotionDr. Tsuyoshi Terakawa (Assistant Professor) was promoted to associate professor.



Molecular simulation

Using multi-scale molecular dynamics simulation techniques, we are working on challenges in the field of molecular cellular biology such as relationship between genome structure and gene expression regulation, operational principles of protein-based molecular motors, molecular dynamics of protein structures. We would like to understand these molecular mechanisms based on physical principles. We developed the coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulator Cafemol.

Single molecule experiment

DNA transactions such as replication, transcription, repair, and folding form the basis of life. We are working toward revealing the molecular mechanisms of DNA transactions by combining single-molecule experiments and molecular dynamics simulations.

Experimental data analysis

We are developing state-of-the-art information science techniques to enhance space and time resolution of atomic force microscopy images of biomolecules.